Your personal data and how we handle it:

Silver Spring Media AB gathers and stores data about you, including how you use our services which may directly or indirectly identify you. We use this function to provide and constantly improve our services to give you a better user experience.

The compilation below emphasizes in what ways we gather and handle your personal data, all in accordance with the Swedish ‘Dataskyddsförordningen’ (GDPR).

Type of personal data we collect:

Contact information
Once you decide on becoming a customer, we will collect the following information about you: Surname, given name and email address.

Information regarding the services you order
We also store data in reference to the services you order and your overall usage of these services.

Customer Support
When you contact our customer support we will store the information you give us to better assist you and to improve the service.

This is how we gather personal data
It is done in various ways, including:

– The data you provide when signing up as a customer with us
-The information you mention when contacting us via email or chat
-The data that is generated when you use our services, i.e. when you visit our website, applications or use our control panel
-We can also gather data from other sources, for instance, the ‘Kreditupplysningen’
-Visitor’s data via cookies on your web browser

What type of information we gather ultimately depends on the services you are using.

This is why we use personal data
Treating such information needs to pertain to any or all of the following legal accounts:

– It is a requirement to complete the agreement with you
– Completion of Silver Spring Media AB’s  legal obligation
– The usage lies in both the customer’s and Silver Spring Media AB’s interest
– Consent from you for that particular usage

In order for us to provide you with our services we will need to manage your personal data. The information below guides you through what we use this information for and by what legal means the usage is supported.

Provision of services
We use personal data to identify you as a customer as well as in handling and delivering those services you have ordered and/or subscribe to. The information is also required for billing and payment of service purposes.

Legal ground: Execution of agreement:

Communication and support
We can use personal data from your previous correspondence with us in order to give you proper assistance when needed.

We manage your contact information and user data as a basis for billing, newsletters, important information about your services, special offers and tips on how you can use our services.

Legal ground: Interest leveling, consent and execution of agreement:

Developing our products and services
We handle personal data that measures how you are using our services as well as your contact with us, all to ultimately bettering user friendliness and your overall experience of the services we provide.

Legal ground: Interest leveling and consent:

We manage your personal data, including the services you use and how you use them, to market relevant products and services in accordance with your individual needs.

Legal ground: Interest level and consent:

Safety and prohibitance of abuse/misconduct
We manage personal data for the purpose of detecting and prohibiting the following within our network and services:

– general misuse of services
– hacker attempts at our system or the system of other customers
– various attacks, for instance, any distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS), spread of virus or other harmful code
– violations of Swedish law
– usage of our services which do not adhere to our general user agreements

Legal ground: Execution of agreement and legal obligation:

Statutory Obligations
We handle user data to comply with all legal standards.

Legal ground: legal obligation:

This is how long we keep records of personal information
We store user data as long as there is a documented purpose for handling such information.

All personal data no longer allowed to be stored according to the ’Dataskyddsförordningen’ is being continuously erased.

With whom do we share user data
In some cases we do share user data with partners and subcontractors in order to fulfill our agreement with our customers and, moreover, comply with our legal obligations; this may also be done on occasion to analyze how our services are being used, all to bettering these.

We have agreements with partners and subcontractors within the EU. We thus do not share information with companies outside of the EU. In these agreements user data is regulated accordingly: what personal information we handle, why it is done, how these will be protected and for how long they will be stored.

We aim at never sharing more user data than absolutely necessary with each respective partner.

Furthermore, we continuously take action on safety measures to ensure no personal data is handled in contention with the law – which includes safety as well as personal integrity. In doing so, we demand from our partners and subcontractors the same level of protection when dealing with the information.

By request of judicial authorities, such as the Police department, we may be lawfully liable to share certain personal data.

This is how we protect your personal data
We abide to industry standards to store, monitor and communicate sensitive information, such as personal data and passwords, safely: i.e. via SSL/TLS, PGP and hash algorithms.

The protection has been implemented systematically, organizationally and by technical measures to ensure integrity, secrecy and availability. A recurring review of the routines and safety efforts assures that our continuous measures are satisfactory.

In essence, we have policies and safety routines in store for:
– incidental usage
– information security
– risk analysis
– software updates
– safe configuration and handling of units
– offices and data centers
– educating personnel within our routines

All personnel are bound to secrecy agreements and only monitor information their mission requires.

You decide over your personal data
You have the power to determine what information about you will be shared with us when accepting the terms and conditions. In essence, you reserve the right to withdraw your consent at any point.

You can also request to access the data we store of you and are free to contact us at any instance should you feel the need to change any information. We adhere to this right without delays when possible, if in accordance with the law.

Please note, however, that we do need access to certain personal information in order to provide our services to you. Should you decide on withdrawing your consent it might indicate that we no longer can provide any or all of these services to you.

If you would like to update any information or request access to your data, please contact us via the following email address:

This is how we monitor your personal data when you are no longer a customer
If you cancel your account with us, we will erase all of your personal data where there no longer is any reason for further monitoring. We also notify any partner or subcontractor who may have handled the data to erase it, as well.

The information we erase (on such occasions) are:

– e-mail addresses with appurtenant messages
– personal information in the customer database
– backup copies of the above will be erased according to our standard procedure for such material

What we do not erase:

– information necessary by means of the ’Bokföringslagen’

Updates of this policy
In order to complete our duties conformed by the ’Dataskyddsförordningen’ the aforementioned privacy policy can be updated periodically. Any updates of the policy will be published here.