The interest in Belgian football is booming, according to Deloitte’s Pro League report from 2017/18. Fan attendance rose some 200,000 up to 3.4 million, and supporter groups are becoming increasingly diverse. Meanwhile, the Jupiler Pro League is continuously charging up the ladder of the UEFA rankings, becoming a consistent sub-top contender much thanks to an increasing number of Belgian clubs competing in European tournaments. As the 2018 year came to a close, the Jupiler Pro League ranked 8th, just below the first-tier giants atop.


Matches: 332 per season, 120 with english commentary (3 per round)
Season: 2018/19 – 2019/20
Production: Ready-to-air, English non-branded graphics, International sound
Rights: All broadcast media including TV, internet, mobile
Delivery: Satellite or BT Tower, stream
Territory: Worldwide, outside of Belgium