Liga Mx Femenil ranks as one of the leagues with the most flourishing spectator growth at a global level. In its inaugural year, more than 500,000 fans were present at stadiums all across Mexico. In the final between Tigres and Rayadas on May 2018, the league broke the world record for number of spectators at a female football match, counting more than 51,000 at the stadium. Now, in its third year, the league has lifted a ban on international players and is looking to solidify its position as the best league on the continent – ultimately placing itself among the top 5 leagues worldwide.


Matches: 171 per season, all with english commentary (19 teams, 18 rounds, Playoffs – Quarter Finals – Semi Finals – Finals)

Season: Clausura 2020 (January to June)  – Apertura 2020 (July to December)

Production: Ready-to-air, English non-branded graphics, International sound

Rights: All broadcast media including TV, internet, mobile

Delivery: Satellite or stream

Territory: Worldwide, outside of Mexico