Spring Media is a broadcast rights agency with one key objective – to bring value to our clients. Dedication, Accuracy and Reliability are cornerstones in Spring Media’s approach to existing and new projects. Spring Media creates new media products, or find ways to add value to existing ones. No event is too small if we see commercial potential, and no event is too big if we can add value.


Spring Media’s core business and expertise is rights licensing to traditional and digital broadcasters. Spring Media license over 2,000 hours of live sports annually to over 100 broadcasters and digital platforms. We have experience from a broad portfolio of sport rights including football taekwondo, basketball, athletics, swimming, volleyball, ice hockey and more.


Spring Media advise clubs, federations and events on broadcast related matters, with the aim of increasing the commercial value and attractiveness of their media product. Production optimisation, rights packaging, territorial strategies are some of our main areas of expertise.


Spring Media arrange live production services for over hundred matches and events each year, ranging from complex production set ups with multiple signals and production units, to 1 camera Internet live streaming. Efficiency, service quality and attention to detail are cornerstones in all our production assignments. Our operations department deliver over 2,000 hours of live sporting events across the globe on an annual basis. Satellite, Fibre and Live Streaming – we find the most secure and cost efficient delivery method for each event we are involved in.


Spring Media has from the start been focused on digital rights consulting and licensing rights to a quickly evolving digital market. Live streaming rights for bookmakers, IP and mobile pay-per–view distribution to end consumers, and developing digital platforms to maximise reach and rights revenue, are central in our rights distribution strategy. The rapid digital development is transforming the broadcast world and Spring Media aims to remain in the forefront of the digital transformation, consulting our partners on how to best maximise reach and revenue.


Spring Media create, innovate and develop sport programs to meet the demands of traditional and digital broadcasters. LaMangaTV, Football100 and Spain Euro2012-preview series are examples of products we have successfully developed. We always work to find new and innovative ways to produce, package and deliver sporting events, for the benefit of our clients and broadcast partners.


Spring Media has since 2011 been licensing an increasing number of movies and entertainment programs for the broadcast markets of Central and South America. Nordic screenplays, Japanese Anime series and European fitness series are some of the content Spring Media have licensed. Spring Media’s rights licensing expertise and understanding of these evolving broadcast markets enable rights owners to reach new markets, and broadcasters to get access to diverse and interesting content.