Events are tricky, especially in this new virtual reality. No matter the size or purpose, we’ve got solutions to deliver the full life cycle of your conference, event or digital meeting room. We produce several online conferences daily and know how to avoid annoying glitches and improve the visual outlook, regardless of platform used. We provide both fully remote conferences and combined onsite/digital events using a studio and remote guests.

How we can enhance your experience
o Consultation: improving details and providing organizers with simple tricks on the setup
o Visual: creating event-specific graphics, visuals and the possibility to add chats or questionnaires
o Pilot: testing with each guest a day prior to ensure quality during live
o Production: manually directing the livestream instead of trusting an automatic platform’s solution to create a better flow and overall impression of the event
o Language: our own embed code includes the option to choose language, and we offer full support for translation service
o Recording: full event or separate parts (if preferred)