Over the recent decade, a growing number of leagues and sporting events have been produced with the ambition to commercialize and bring live coverage to its fans. At its core, Spring Media as a rights agency aims at value creation and we recognized early on the need for a refined balance between production cost and output quality. Our remote production solution fulfills just that.

The remote workflow strives to centralize a majority of the production elements at our main hub – including directing, graphics and replay management, and potential commentary – leaving only camera operators onsite. This solution generates a flexibility and obvious cost-saving in producing a vaster number of projects with the same setup and workforce, while maintaining a consistent broadcast standard. A scalable technology allows for us to use up to 4 cameras and unify the look & feel of your broadcast. Our remote productions are deployable anywhere around the world, supported by our experienced engineers and crew members.

How it works:


All cameras are connected to individual IP encoders which transmit the signals to our data center in Riga. Bonding the dedicated internet and 4G available at the venue creates a stable and fully redundant signal path.


The camera signals are received and processed by a software that handles any eventual package loss, and then on-passed via IP to our main hub in Riga.


All signals get synchronized and we ultimately produce the program feed from here: adding graphics, replays and creating highlights. The MCR has continuous communication with the onsite camera crew via intercom and further monitor and distribute the program feed to end customers via IP – or any other delivery method requested.


Match commentary can be added onsite or off-tube. Event summaries, highlights packages or specific clips are created and delivered post-match to broadcasters, news outlets or social media takers upon request.