Damallsvenskan see a significant uplift in media coverage

Last weekend Damallsvenskan (the top division of Swedish women’s football) kicked off, attracting more media coverage than ever before. Public service broadcaster SVT and C More’s new sports channel Sportkanalen both aired live matches. Additionally, seven local newspapers streamed Damallsvenskan matches live on their news websites. All matches could also be watched live and on demand via Damallsvenskan.tv, the league’s OTT channel attracting subscribers from more than 50 countries. In addition to live broadcasts, match highlights and news clips were shown on SVT, TV4, Aftonbladet, Fotbollskanalen and internationally via UEFA #weplaystrong.

Spring Media, the international sports media agency headquartered in Sweden, have together with EFD (Women’s Club Association) developed the media strategy and is overseeing licensing, production and distribution of the league.

Hans Svelander, Partner at Spring Media, comments: “The sports media landscape has never been more dynamic than it is today, full of possibilities and challenges. New media players are entering the scene and digital platforms are making it possible to forge direct ties directly with viewers and fans. From our client’s perspective we consider it paramount that a league like Damallsvenskan retains control of its own rights and media distribution in order to build long term value.

We commenced our collaboration with EFD in 2014 with the goal of making Damallsvenskan more visible and accessible. At that point in time 20 out of 132 matches were produced. A central element of the development plan was to invest in production of all 132 matches, something which at that time seemed almost unthinkable considering production costs in relation to the level of commercial interest. As early as 2015 we were able to produce all league matches, and 2016 saw the launch of Damallsvenskan’s own OTT Channel. In 2017 Damallsvenskan.tv was further developed with the launch of apps for smartphone, tablet and Apple TV. Furthermore, a media partnership with SVT was established. In 2018 we now see a significant boost in interest as a result of the long-term strategy, as we welcome TV4/C More and a range of local media players as broadcast partners alongside SVT.

Damallsvenskan is one of the world’s best football leagues and we are very proud to have the opportunity to work with EFD, producing and delivering the league to an increasing number of broadcast partners.”

Linda Wijkström, General Secretary of EFD, comments: “Our strategy is to make Damallsvenskan as accessible as possible – locally, domestically and internationally. This is essential to Swedish Women’s Football. Together with Spring Media we have created a comprehensive media approach, enabling Damallsvenskan to reach unprecedented heights in terms of coverage and reach.


Spring Media is a fast-growing international sports media company that provides media rights distribution, as well as digital-, production-, distribution- and consulting services for sporting events. Spring Media has a global reach with head office in Stockholm, and regional offices in Hamburg, Astana, Bangkok and Mexico City. Spring Media own, manage,

produce and distribute over 3,000 hours of live sports annually to over 150 broadcasters around the world. Olympic Games to Central Asia, FIG Gymnastics World Cup series, Taekwondo World Championship and Grand Prix series, and over 300 club and national team football friendly matches are some of the rights that Spring Media represents.


//Stockholm 18/04/2018