El secreto detrás de la copa


Spring Media, Casablanca, High Hill Entertainment and VIP 2000TV share their best-kept secret, following a promising alliance

Sweden, Brazil, Mexico and the United States team up to produce the first sports fiction franchise


Miami, January 11, 2020.- This year of constant changes and uncertainty for the audiovisual environment, has challenged the industry to respond with strategies and creativity to survive in a market that is undergoing renewal.

That’s why Spring Media, Casablanca, High Hill Entertainment and VIP 2000TV share their vision with the sole aim of making the original series “The Secret Behind the Cup”, framed in the most important sporting festival in the world: the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

“We are pleased to have managed to share the same vision and values about the production of a series among the four companies. This means that we had similar perspectives on how to achieve and explore the challenge of collaborating strategically for the creation of a fictional series, which involves one of the key themes for the company, which is sport. It’s the beginning of a sports fiction franchise that includes topics of current interest such as gender equity, tolerance and respect,” says Vanessa Velázquez, Commercial Manager of Spring Media, Stockholm.

Spring Media, a company specializing in the production and distribution of sporting events around the world, reinvents itself by facing the challenges posed by the pandemic and joins forces to create innovative fictional content such as “The Secret Behind the Cup”.

“Throughout the year we have been developing various projects that have enriched the catalog we offer. However, we can announce with great emotion that, through WAWA, we managed to consolidate a synergy between these companies to produce an original series. In this way, “The Secret Behind the Cup” will offer quality and promising content with which we feel comfortable and optimistic, “says María Elena Useche, President of High Hill Entertainment, Miami.

We are very happy with this alliance, producing in Mexico with Yahayra Films and post-producing in our studios in Sao Paolo with our 3D team is a challenge that we know will surprise the region, we can simulate being in any country in the world with our effects. The world cup in Qatar 2022 will be the most anticipated sporting event in the world and we will be ready with this sport franchise to present a successful project in any world cup and in any sport”. Says Solange Cruz, General Director of Casablanca in Brazil 

“Alliances have become more relevant after 2020. Co-productions with allies that have different strengths make each project more viable, that is what we find among these four companies. Sports was one of the items hardest hit by the pandemic, so we consider that a sports fiction made in Mexico and located in Qatar can generate great interest in the region. This is not just a series; it is a franchise that can be done for any sport in any country in the world. We are very happy with the effort we make among our organizations to present this project to the industry. The business is carried out by four executives who believe, today more than ever, in our Hispanic market,” says Roxana Rotundo, CEO of VIP 2000 TV, Miami.


The story runs between the 2010 World Cup South Africa and the draw for the 2022 World Cup venue, the spectator will accompany Mexican footballer Jorge González from the field of play in Spain to Qatar.

Karima, is a woman who has a life full of luxury. She was educated in the best institutions in Switzerland, France and England, but she is trapped in a culture that resists female evolution. She will not rest until she liberates those women who for centuries have been oppressed by customs and traditions that do not recognize the human value of their compatriots. That mission will lead her to lose even her own dreams, including the love of her life.

This new series consolidates a strong machinery that turns to tour incredible scenarios in Qatar, Spain, the United States, Mexico and Argentina.


In addition, “The secret behind the cup” brings together an exceptional casting led by Isabel Burr, who has participated in series such as “La casa de las flores” and “Luis Miguel”. Oswaldo León from “Cuna de lobos” and “Médicos”. The series is being developed by Jaque Content.


//Stockholm 13/01/2020