Fanseat enters into partnerships to broadcast the French, British and Swedish speedway leagues, including a comprehensive project to develop and grow the French national speedway league. 

FANSEAT has agreed deals with each of the French Motorcycling Federation, Elite Speedway Sweden and British Speedway to broadcast matches of the three leagues on FANSEAT live and on demand to fans around the world, with more than 100 matches during the 2021 season.

The partnership between FANSEAT and the French Motorcycling Federation (FFM) will see FANSEAT working closely with the FFM, the Commission of Track Racing (CCP) and the management of the 4 clubs in order to develop the French National Speedway League (LNS) in the long term and until at least 2024. Every match will be broadcast live on FANSEAT’s OTT platform, and also available to watch as video-on-demand. This is the first time that matches of the LNS will be broadcast live, representing a huge step forward for the sport and allowing speedway fans, in France and around the globe, to follow their favourite riders in this league.

In addition to the production and broadcasting, all parties will work together to develop the overall media and commercial strategy of the LNS for seasons to come, in order to continually improve the broadcast quality offered to fans, to enhance the reputation of the league, and to attract more fans.

This partnership with the FFM represents even further progress for FANSEAT’s ambition to become a leading global platform for speedway, following the acquisition of international media rights for the Swedish Elite Series Speedway and the British Speedway Premiership, with numerous world-class riders participating in these leagues.

Spring Media has supported the ESS (the clubs’ joint representational organization) over the past few years to develop the visibility of the Swedish league, improve the broadcast quality and grow the commercial interest of the sport. Currently the Swedish Elite Series is broadcast live on local media channels in Sweden, in Poland and in the United Kingdom and Ireland, while FANSEAT holds all other global media rights for the league, providing an international exposure that will help further elevate the status of Swedish speedway.

FANSEAT’s agreement with British Speedway includes 12 regular season matches of the British Speedway Premiership in addition to all the playoff matches between the top 4 teams at the end of the season. The broadcasts are available live and on demand to fans worldwide, outside the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Fans can watch all the speedway league matches live and on demand with a monthly subscription of 9.99€, or an all-inclusive subscription is also available at 14.99€, giving access to all content on FANSEAT, including top-level ice hockey, football and basketball leagues.


Jean-Maël Gineste, Managing Director at FANSEAT said: “We are very pleased to have concluded these partnerships and agreements with the FFM, ESS and British Speedway, which support our objectives to become a leader and innovator of speedway around the world. We particularly look forward to bringing the expertise of the Spring Media group into the media and commercial development of the French National Speedway League, something that the group has done successfully for the Swedish Elite Series during the past several years and we are confident that we will be able to achieve similar success in France.”


Sébastien Poirier, President of the French Motorcycling Federation said: “I am delighted about this collaboration between the FFM, FANSEAT and Spring Media and which is intended to be a long-term project. This is a great opportunity for the development of the French National Speedway League FFM – Motul in France but also internationally through the media exposure of the live broadcasts of all our matches. I would like to congratulate the Commission of Track Racing and its President, Thierry Bouin, as well as the motorcycling clubs for all the work accomplished during the past 4 years and still ongoing, which is now bearing fruit. This is a great recognition for the French National Speedway League, our clubs and our riders.”

Mikael Holmstrand, Chairman at ESS, said: We look forward to the cooperation with FANSEAT and the opportunity it gives Swedish speedway to increase visibility outside Sweden. We know that there is great interest in motorsport in general in many countries. The Swedish speedway league is world class and it´s great to be able to meet both existing and new fans through this platform.”

Rob Godfrey, Chairman of British Speedway, said: “We are delighted to have this opportunity to showcase this wonderful sport around the world. We anticipate an exciting season of racing and we look forward to showing a new audience what a thrilling spectacle speedway can be.”



FANSEAT is a fast-growing pay-per-view and subscription-based sports streaming service offering a wide selection of sports to fans across the globe. From football to ice hockey, basketball, speedway and others, FANSEAT has attracted sports enthusiasts from over 150 countries over the years.

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About Spring Media

Spring Media is an international sports media group headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Spring Media has market leading expertise in its three key business areas: i) Media Rights Management ii) Production Services iii) Streaming Solutions.

The company group has a global reach through its head office in Sweden and regional offices in France, UK, Latvia, Mexico and Kazakhstan. Spring Media facilitates in excess of 30,000 hours of live sports annually, direct to consumer through StayLive and to its network of over 450 broadcasters worldwide. The Spring Media group includes subsidiary companies StayLive (Streaming Solutions), Sportacentrs (Production Services) and FANSEAT (Digital Sports Channel).

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About the French Federation of Motorcycling (FFM)

The Federation is delegated by the Ministry of Sports to manage and promote motorcycling in France. It includes 18 Regional Leagues, 83 Departmental Committees, 1280 affiliated clubs, 100 000 license holders*, 1300 events and 9 disciplines (Speed, Motocross, Enduro, Trials, Track racing…). Its budget is nearly 22 million euros and it employs about 60 permanent staff (including those of the Carole circuit). The FFM is the interlocutor of the State and of the Territorial Collectivities with regards to motorcycling.

The National Speedway League FFM – Motul, created in 2017, includes 4 club teams for the 2021 season (Lamothe-Landerron, Morizès, Marmande and La Réole), 32 riders and a calendar of 12 matches for the 2021 season.

(*licenses and practice titles delivered)

French Motorcycling Federation: – National Speedway League FFM – Motul:


About ESS

In 2018, the Swedish elite clubs initiated a joint league organization to deal with questions related to regulations and scheduling as well as centralized commercial interests. These efforts have led to a handful of major league sponsors, a centralized web portal structure, and a digital play-channel, ESS Play. Partnering on its international offering is another milestone in continuing to grow its commitment towards a world class Swedish speedway product, and a healthy development for the sport in Sweden, long-term.

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About British Speedway

British Speedway remains a hugely popular family sport with a loyal fanbase. There are three leagues – Premiership, Championship and National Development League, with a total of 25 teams. The Premiership consists of top international riders and a pool of talented young British riders.


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