Spring Media extends Swedish speedway commitment and signs tv deal in Poland

The sports media agency has renewed its agreement with the ESS and Svemo on rights for the Swedish top tier speedway series, ‘BAUHAUS League’. The agreement, inked until 2025, opens up for continuous development of the sport nationally – and a new TV rights period from 2023.


Spring Media entered a five-year partnership with the elite clubs’ representational organization and federation in 2018, with the ambition to increase media visibility and building long-term commercial value both home and away. The parties have since jointly launched a centralized digital network and club OTT channel to give room for league sponsor exposure, editorial cooperation amongst clubs, and both live- as well as VOD league action digitally.

Breaking out the number of matchdays from the traditional Tuesdays to also include Thursdays has doubled the league’s visibility in national news and been key in the offering to its exclusive media partner in Sweden, C More (2020-22), and international broadcasters alike. Parallel to the long-term agreement, Spring Media has finalized deals in key speedway territories including the U.K. with Premier Sports and most recently with Polish broadcaster ELEVEN SPORTS for coverage of the 2021-22 seasons.


“We are very proud of the groundwork done during recent years for one of the most popular sports nationally and among the world’s best speedway leagues globally,” said Marcus Alm, Head of Operations at Spring Media. “We look forward to a continuous joint venture with ESS and Svemo to develop Swedish speedway through new investments on the TV production, getting fans closer to the riders behind those helmets and reaching more partners who find added value in a product with deserved momentum.”

The 2021 season is underway since June 1 and is expected to showcase 82 action-filled races for fans at the local venue, and those following along on-screen nationally as well as internationally.


“The cooperation with Spring Media has been excellent and we look very positively on already extending the agreement to plan for a longer-term partnership,” said Mikael Holmstrand, Chairman of ESS. “A good TV production and strong media partner are imperative to uphold the league and sport to today’s consumer standards, and we look forward to refining the product together in the years to come.”

For additional information, please contact:

Marcus Alm | Head of Operations, Spring Media|marcus.alm@springmedia.se

About Spring Media Group

Spring Media is an international sports media group headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Spring Media has market leading expertise in its three key business areas: i) Media Rights Management ii) Production Services iii) Streaming Solutions.

The company group has a global reach through its head office in Sweden and regional offices in France, UK, Latvia, Mexico and Kazakhstan. Spring Media facilitates in excess of 30,000 hours of live sports annually, direct to consumer through StayLive and to its network of over 450 broadcasters worldwide. The Spring Media group includes subsidiary companies StayLive (Streaming Solutions), Sportacentrs (Production Services) and Fanseat (Digital Sports Channel). More info at: www.springmedia.se | www.springproductions.se

About ESS

The Swedish elite clubs’ representational organization actively works with questions related to the sport and league structure as well as commercial interests. The ESS has recently managed to attract centralized league partnerships with a handful major brands, developed an extensive web network and initiated a digital OTT channel, ESS Play. Its main focus lies within ensuring sporting means to remain in its position at the top of international speedway, while building values for the continued development of Swedish speedway long-term.

About Svemo

Svemo – the Swedish motorcycle- and snowmobile federation – was founded in 1935 and is the branch that gathers all and anyone who would like to practice or compete on motorcycle or snowmobile. As a member of the Swedish ’Riksidrottsförbundet’, Svemo oversees the national speedway activity, among other things.

//Stockholm 15/06/2021