Spring Media to deliver the Portuguese Cup final 2020 worldwide

The international sports media agency has reached a media rights agreement with the Portuguese Football Federation to distribute the newly resumed 2020 Portuguese Cup Final to all markets outside Portugal.

The 80th annual Portuguese Cup Final in history will see SL Benfica take on rival FC Porto at Estádio Cidade de Coimbra on Saturday, August 1st. This season, Liga NOS has been a nail-biting race for the championship between the two powerhouses. But while Porto holds a slight edge over its rival in the current league standings, Benfica has triumphed considerably more often in the Cup stages. The club is accounted for 26 Cup titles, well ahead of FC Porto’s 16.


“We’re very excited to be bringing such riveting spectacle to the market, with SL Benfica and FC Porto already in a close-knit race for the league title now competing in a one-off event for the Cup trophy,” says José Moreno, Partner, Spring Media. “Portuguese football is full of exciting prospects mixed with experienced profiles from the world stage, and we’re glad to be offering such lucrative product to markets globally in these times.”


Tiago Craveiro, the Chief Executive of the Portuguese Football Federation, also commented: “We want to promote Portuguese football and want that fans across the world fall in love with it. The Portuguese Cup Final is one of the most exciting, unpredictable and best quality exhibitions of our domestic game”. “Defining a clear promotion strategy and picking the best partners are fundamental steps to achieve our goals”, he pointed out.


Notable names include former Real Madrid Pepe and former Inter Milan Alex Telles for Porto, and the Tavares trio of Benfica prospects – coincidentally not related. In the absence of João Felix ahead of the season, Brazilian Carlos Vinícius has taken over the reins up front for Benfica, currently atop the league scoreboard with 17 goals. Meanwhile, his national counterpart in Porto, Alex Telles, will want to end his Portuguese journey with a trophy before moving to a major European club at the end of the season.

For additional information, kindly reach out to:
José Moreno | Partner, Spring Media | jose.moreno@springmedia.se  

//Stockholm 08/07/2020