Reykjavik Internationals Games is a package of 6 different individual sports, crossfit, dance, judo, swimming, athletics and chess, with top participants from the Nordic countries as well as promising up and coming talents. Those six sports are a part of much bigger event that includes around 20 different sports every year. The Games take place at the end of January until the beginning of February every year. Many records have been broken during the games that will in 2022 take place for the 15th time. Steady climb of participation from athletes all over the world creates a unique and exciting experience for both athletes and audience. On top of that, Iceland has a variety of interesting nature scenery that can be explored in relation to the event, such as an active volcano, glacier lagoons, the blue lagoon, whales and the northern lights, just to name a few.


Events: 6 different sports – Crossfit, Dance, Judo, Swimming, Athletics and Chess.
Dates: End-January to start-February
Rights: All broadcast media including TV, Internet, mobile
Production: Minimum 3 camera
Signal: International sound/graphics, English commentary upon request at additional cost
Territory: Worldwide
Delivery: European satellite or IP (Spring Connect)



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