RugbyTown is a Crossover Academy based in Glendale, Colorado that recruits NFL-quality American athletes and train them full-time in a residential high-performance environment. While athletic excellence is a must in the competitive recruitment process, prior rugby experience is no pre-requisite. The ambition is to lay foundations for U.S. national team success – and viewers are along for the ride.

“With our embedded production team, we’ve captured the players’ transformation from individual athletes into a cohesive rugby squad,” says Patrick Guthrie, Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer at “RugbyTown is the story of these extraordinary young men, their coaches, their families, and their mission to win the World Cup, all told by the players and coaches themselves.”

Trailer RugbyTown 2021


Product: Documentary, 10 episodes per season – 20 episodes yearly


Season 1: Shooting January to May, 2021 – Delivery Date: July 1, 2021.

Season 2: Shooting August to November, 2021 – Delivery Date: December 1, 2021

Production: Ready-to-air

Rights: All broadcast media including TV, internet, mobile

Territory: Worldwide, excluding US

First episode

The Big Idea

Meet the players

We are built different

Robinson family

Beer Pong Social

In memoriam of Jayvon Lysius


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